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In the 1940’s in Carnegie, Melbourne, Leslie George Foran was a secondhand dealer and auctioneer. In 1948, an association developed with the Colonial gas company (which covered the Box Hill, Oakleigh and Footscray areas), to buy and re-sell their traded in or damaged gas appliances. Although remaining a general secondhand dealer, Les started specialising in gas appliances and “Gasco” trade-ins was formed. In the mid 1960’s, with the association with Colonial gas over and the gas utilities being incorporated into the Gas and fuel corporation, Les shortened the name to Gasco and it has remained that way since.

Although originally selling only reconditioned appliances, Gasco progressed into selling used, reconditioned and then new spare parts. Gasco also commenced in-home servicing within a limited service area and quickly became favoured for its ability to repair an appliance regardless of age, due to its vast stock of spare parts.

Over the years since, Gasco has honed its skills in the service industry and remained true to its roots by only specialising in gas appliances. We have become known as specialising in older appliances, but remember, these appliances were new when we first saw them and it’s only new companies that think they are old. Regardless of age, we'll do our best to repair your appliance, Be it 5, 10 or 50 years old.

Our hours of operation are between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday, however, email is checked regularly after hours, so please feel free to email us during the evening, weekends and public holidays.

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